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Chest Pains

Chest Discomfort

Chest discomfort, aches or tightness is a common complaint seen in patients.

The severity and nature of this can vary from person to person and, occasionally, can only be felt in the back and on the shoulder area. Chest discomfort, that relates to underlying furrowing or narrowing of the heart blood vessels, tends to occur with exertion, although this can also be present at rest in the case of a heart attack (especially when this lasts more than 30 minutes). Symptoms associated with heart related chest discomfort, also commonly referred to as angina, include breathlessness, tiredness and nausea. 


It is important to note that heart-related symptoms can take a variety of forms and often patients, especially females and those with other underlying conditions such as diabetes, can experience atypical or unusual symptoms. Therefore, if you are concerned, it is best you discuss your concerns with a specialist. 

Dr Costopoulos can diagnose and treat underlying cardiovascular issues which may lead to chest discomfort as well as advising on lifestyle and medication.

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